33 Week Update

super bumpy for date-night @ 33 weeks

super bumpy for date-night @ 33 weeks

This week has been a long one! If you recall, Melbs and I were excited about taking some time off this week to join our good friends at Big Bend Lodge, to do some R&R in the wilderness this weekend. Unfortunately, there is a terrible forest fire up North and the trip was canceled… but it all worked out anyway because boy am I happy to be home this weekend, doing what I want most: to nest! 

Already two days into my weekend, I’ve hung some artwork in the nursery, did a ton of gardening, prepped meals for the whole week, and am currently baking some strawberry-banana bread for a picnic tomorrow. Yesterday I took a luxuriously long lunch with my best girl, Nala-dog and we enjoyed a 4 mile stroll around the Bay. I’m feeling great energy-wise during the day, but conking out hardcore once the “day” is done (nothing new). I go from energizer bunny to suddenly being SO TIRED I can either wash my face or brush my teeth before charging toward bed— but not both. I’m solar powered, apparently.

I’m going to skip the usual list format this week— it’s become too monotonous. My darn wedding ring is still on, I know you are dying to know. The only stretch marks I have are on my hips and thighs and I’ve had them since high school… and yep, sleeping is still sometimes restless.

So, what’s new this week? To start, I’m never hungry. Especially when busy, I’m forgetting to eat meals. I NEVER forget to eat meals. Ever. I guess it’s probably a combination of having less room to get “empty” feeling, and possibly the heat as well? I’m still dutifully gaining my pound per week, so I’m not alarmed in any way! Next, I’ve grown pretty tired of my skincare regime. I’ve been coco-buttering myself daily throughout the pregnancy and coconut oiling myself once per week during my “at home spa” Sunday. The smell of coconut… I’m over it. So, I am trying a new combo: Hemp Lotion (which I used religiously in college and love the smell), and Bio Oil (basically a mineral oil) on my belly. So far, loving the switch, and my skin is smoother than ever!

Nala continues to act detached and anxious. Anxious if she is not with both Melbs and me, and detached physically when we are all finally under the same roof. She used to  try to lay right on top of us while watching TV, or wouldn’t let us 20 minutes alone without petting her in some fashion. Now she kind of does her own thing. Maybe she’s finally mellowing out of her (5 year!) puppy phase, but maybe she knows deep down that someone else is taking her place? 

As for Mini Melbs, about all he has left to do is gain his baby fat (half of my whole lb per week)! He is skill kicking up a storm and now that I know he is heads-down it’s really cool visualizing what specifically he is doing in there! Answer: a LOT of the funky chicken.

What am I looking forward to? My baby shower! It’s just one week away and I can’t wait to see all of my friends and family come together to celebrate the arrival of Mini Melbs. I pretty much have the “Dream Team” hosting the event for me, so I know it’s going to be a great and memorable time for all. Having a baby shower is the first step in the very last phase, in my mind, of having a baby! It’s official then. Right? ;) 

Here are some pics of a few nursery doo-dads I pulled together this week (I just love that this isn’t a baby-baby room!), and of our yard, coming along nicely and one step closer to the magic-fiesta yard of my postpartum dreams!

colorful safari

colorful safariphoto 3

photo 1photo 2

Highly scientific research

Lately I’ve been laying in bed for hours before falling asleep and after waking up. This means that yes, I’m becoming more tired and just want to lay down… but also that I’m being sucked into a black hole of research on my cell phone, tablet, and laptop.

What am I researching? Everything from what to expect during labor and delivery to real accounts from new parents, eg videos titled “the first 24 hours with our newborn.” I watch a ton of YouTube videos, actually. I like to look at preemie babies who were born at my gestational week to see what type of actual human is living inside me. I like to watch new moms review baby products, and demonstrations of cloth diapering.

I play soundtracks of newborns crying to see how Melbs reacts when it wakes him up, and what the dog and cat do in response to this awful sound. I test my own knowledge when listing “The only 5 things you should pack for the hospital”…

You could say I’ve gone over the deep end. You can say I’m over- hyping the whole experience for myself… but I am having so much fun learning, really! I feel comforted by seeing preemie babies and how cute new dads are when changing diapers. I de-stress while reading articles about new moms propping up their infants to watch them shower…hey! New moms can shower?! It makes it real and also less scary for me.

And clearly I’m not alone. People are creating this content for a reason. We are all curious and fascinated and want to be prepared. Kudos to the bloggers and vloggers and amateur documentary makers out there who can provide those of us who want it with new perspectives. I can’t wait to blog about what utter crap so many pregnancy books are… what fear mongering, medically and culturally charged loads of propaganda some of them are… I’m grateful to live in an era where I can diversify my stream of information!

Viva la internet!

Sincerely, Mrs Crazypants. 😆

30 days of Mrs Melbs

Today is Day #1 of what I hope will be a full 30 days of enjoying myself before I become a full-time mom. My maternity leave hasn’t begun yet but I have the day off for a previously scheduled camping trip, so I’m getting a head start. Plus, considering my little MM may come sooner than his due date, I should probably sneak in as many days I can ahead of September.

Okay, so what does a “day for myself” consist of? 
A day mostly to myself, doing something non-baby related — preferably something I won’t be able to do once MM comes. Rob a bank, fly to Vegas, ride a pony into the sunset… that sort of stuff, you know. ;)

I’ll be posting pics of my 30 days at instagr.am/mrsmelbs if you want to follow along over the next month+

Random pics from this week for funsies:
photo 3 (8)

testing out our moby wrap

testing out our moby wrap

My Placenta Moved! C-Section Averted!

You guys! I am so, so very happy to report that I no longer have placenta previa! I’ve downplayed my anxiety about having to schedule a c-section on this blog… but I’ve been asking people offline to pray for my placenta for weeks. ALL OF YOUR GOOD VIBES WORKED, people! Thank you. Not only has my placenta moved, but its WAY out of the woods. Technically, my placenta didn’t go anywhere, as its affixed to my uterus… but as my uterus grew like a balloon, it took the placenta with it. Hallelujah.

More good news from the ultrasound. Mini Melbs is already in “go” position, meaning his precious little head is pointed down towards Earth and his legs are up in the air— er, my ribcage. Hopefully he stays just like that for the next few weeks!

In semi-scary news however, MM is said to be measuring at almost 34 weeks (2 weeks further along than our due date) which means he could either come early, or be a real tubb-o. I’m hoping he comes “early” because what does that even mean? If he is ready, he is ready. At 38 weeks, he will be just fine.

Here are some sonograms from our visit. The top two photos look just like Melbs. He hates when I called it a “butt-crack” chin, but seriously, look at that jawline! Bottom left are his manly parts, and bottom right is a profile shot, but what the heck is up with his nose? No idea— some serious Charlie Brown syndrome right there. 


I realize this looks terrifying, but I had to.

photo 3 (7)

Best Online Workout: Third Trimester

A few friends have asked me which YouTube videos I’m working out to these days so I figured I’d post my favorites. I’ve tried A LOT!

For the third trimester, this is my favorite combo:
Exercise During Pregnancy: Free Full Length 20 Minute Low Impact Cardio Workout by /jessicasmithtv

Exercise for Pregnancy: Free Full Length 20 Minute Prenatal Total Strength Workout

I also mute the work-out videos, open up a new tab and play this music playlist instead. I love the sisters in the videos— Jessica is a great instructor, and her pregnant sister is too cute. I actually feel like I’m in their living room hanging out with them!

32 Week Update


I know, I skipped a couple weeks. I think I’ll forgive myself. I’ve been busy— no, the busiest. A quick smattering of events over the past week: an anniversary getaway, an amazing wedding, a 5 hour dinner with out of town colleagues (!!!), performance reviews, my mom’s birthday, a baby shower at work, and planning for a camping trip next week— all sandwiched in between 3 hours in a car each day commuting to work. I’ve been taking notes all week for this update because I’m finally feeling much different!

Mini Melbs
Is almost 4lbs and larger than a pineapple with its green leavey-things on! He continues to gain 1/2lb per week from here on out. This is apparently a very critical time for neural development, and all five of his sense are working. This begs a serious question though, what on earth is he smelling in there?!

Symptoms: The Bad
Holy hell, do I feel pregnant. Not like a glorious, glowing beam of pregnant woman— but the stereotypical, hot, waddling mess of a pregnant woman. Walking up the stairs with co-workers yesterday was straight-up EMBARRASSING! Once we got the the conference room, I sat panting for over a minute. No exaggeration. I am both out of shape, and uncomfortably large. With regard to my size, I am getting a lot of mixed signals, however. Two strangers who inquired about my due date gasped, “oh, this must be your first! you’re so tiny!” while two separate people in the office stopped me dead in my tracks to tell me how huge I was this week. I think the people one the street just don’t have my “old size” to compare me against. I am a line backer right now.

My belly sits on my lap, which is super weird. I can’t bend all the way forward which has all sorts of implications outside of not being able to put shoes on. I’ll let you create your own mental list.

I have finally hit that stage when the baby sits on your bladder and makes you want to pee all the time. Even when I don’t feel like I have to pee, I know that if I sit down, I will pee.

I am finding sleep less comfortable. Between the baby moving around so much, as if to complain, “ugh, mom! not this way!!” each time I find a new position, more leg cramps, and having to pee… my sleep has been suffering. On top of 4 late nights in a row (ahem, that 5 hour dinner!) I am a crabby bitch this week.

Symptoms: The Good
On the plus side to all of this, I have still managed to avoid many of the less pleasant side-effects women encounter in their third trimesters.

Wedding ring: still on!
Stretch marks: still none!
Swollen ankles: no sirre!
Strange cravings: nope

A lot. This week has been extremely social. I’ve cooked 2 meals but otherwise have been eating out, mostly. I DO get full more quickly but I’m also hungry again soon after eating so in terms of overall consumption, it’s about the same. I have noticed that I’m leaning more vegetarian lately (probably because its less filling), this week opting for veg options in 4/5 opportunities.

Treadmill desk for an hour on Monday, and I just did yoga this morning but otherwise, nada. I’ve been “sleeping in” until 7 because I need to, which means I’m missing my prime work-out hours each morning. We plan on having a more physically active weekend though which is good— I want to keep my cardio up as much as possible as I’m still training for that major physical endurance event called “labor and delivery”…

Baby Purchases
None, but I’ve received some gifts! My co-worked bought me the highchair and Moby Wrap I registered for at Target. Additionally, Melbs found a deal on Zulily for the Ergobaby frontpack he wanted for himself and that should be on its way soon.

Maternity Clothes
Still rocking a lot of shift dresses, and jersey situations. My preggo-Spanx are getting tight though, which means I may need to get a new pair since I definitely need them to “hold it all together”. I also had to get some granny-panties. I just did.

Looking Forward To
Our ultrasound on Tuesday. Really curious to see how my placenta is doing (hoping moving upward!). Also, starting to count down the work days until my maternity leave begins: 19.




Beau Knows: The pregnancy sniffing dog


that’s not my crotch he’s sniffing

Last night we celebrated my mom’s 50th birthday! One of these days I will write a blog post all about what a wonderful, caring, and overall beautiful person my mother is but for now let’s just wish her a very happy birthday. The story behind this post begins after birthday dinner when my family ended up at my brother’s house and I got to meet his dog, Beau for the first time.

Let me start by saying I am a huge dog person. I love dogs, dogs love me. I had been looking forward to meeting my brother and his girlfriend’s new dog for quite some time and when we pulled up at their house we were greeted immediately by this full-grown puppy! Of course, he was excited to meet us too and gave us a thorough sniffing.

But his interest in me did not stop there. Beau the dog, who is bred to hunt had the keenest senses I have ever encountered. I am convinced that he could hear, smell, and almost taste my baby.

He would not leave me alone! At first I thought it was cute but then it became very strange and almost shocking (YouTube video worthy). He kept sniffing at my belly, lightly pawing at me, and then whining incessantly. In the photo above, he has his nose pointed directly at Mini Melbs, where he stood completely still for almost 5 minutes. He was just listening.

Eventually, the whining that he could not get to whatever was inside me became too much so I stood up and swatted him away from me. My brother said that he has only seen the dog do this a few times before, when he was trying to get at some unattainable rodent.

I guess to him, Mini Melbs and his tiny little heartbeat probably didn’t seem much different.

We joked and said my brother should use the dog as a free pregnancy test downtown. I mean, despite being a bit awkward it could be a very useful service!

My own dog, Nala has been acting differently these days too. She doesn’t have much interest in my belly but has become very anxious in my absence. Like she can’t relax until Melbs and I are both home together. She doesn’t know what’s coming but she must know on some primal level that I’m a ticking time bomb.

That we are.