Firsts: The Nursing Bra


A couple of weeks ago I decided to suck it up and order some new bras… but not just any old bras! The bargain shopper I am, I wanted to buy the sort of bras that would last me through 6 months postpartum as well. You guessed it, nursing bras. The clip-down kind. I’ll let you google that on your own.

Anyhow, I wore my first nursing bra today and felt exactly the way I felt in elementary school, wearing a training bra for the first time. Could people tell? Did I look different? Hey this is actually sort of comfortable! Dang, I feel like a woman! It was my own secret and even forgot myself that I had it on until I returned home and had a good laugh at myself in the mirror.

Boy, times sure are changing.

2 thoughts on “Firsts: The Nursing Bra

  1. Grammie Heidi says:

    I’m glad you invested in good nursing bras! You’re gonna need the kind of comfort and support, also the ease of use not only with this pregnancy, but you can pack them away, along with the maternity clothes, for (all) the pregnancies to follow!

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