29 Week Update


At 29 weeks pregnant, things seem to be accelerating.  Mini Melbs is growing loads by the day and I am starting to feel his personality. This last week was all about bonding for me. I mentioned in my last post about the adventurous weekend we had together. In addition to dancing, we took a quick dip in a hot spring, got pummeled in the Pacific Ocean, and I buried him in the sand while sun bathing.

this was actually my friends' bump-hole but I had one similar!

this was actually my friends’ bump-hole but I had one similar!

Through all of these “firsts” together I felt like I was actually taking a little boy along with me and was hyper-conscious of his movement to see how he reacted. I spoke to him frequently and with each check-in I felt insurmountable LOVE. This is really the first week I’ve started to love him like a baby, and not as a figurative future child. I love him so much and I cannot wait to meet him!

Mini Melbs
He’s the size of an acorn squash, nearing 3lbs and 16 inches.

– Feeling HOT. Like, uncomfortable and sticky-sweaty at the office hot. No bueno.
– Acid reflux is rearing its head. My doctor warned me it would come back but I didn’t believe her. Now, anytime I eat a large portion or something spicy I end up miserable for hours. Tums disgust me and I’ve read that there is an ingredient in Tums that can deposit itself into the placenta, so I’m taking papaya extra chews instead which seem to provide the same relief.
– Irritability. Unsure if this is pregnancy related or not. But my patience with others is wearing thin lately.

Food-wise things are much better this week. Bachelorette weekend road trip aside, Melbs and I are back to meal planning and trying to cram in as many nourishing meals as possible. Lots of chicken sausage, mixed greens, avocados, and polenta combos. Tonight we enjoyed garlic shrimp over a bed of sautéed zucchini and carrot noodles which felt like a splurge! At work, I’m mainly eating protein breakfasts and salads at lunch— but not skimping on the frozen yogurt, don’t worry! ;) I’m finding that I have less room for food in my belly these days, but my eyes haven’t gotten the memo. I’m sure it’ll just take a couple more days of acid reflux to change my portion sizes to an appropriate amount.

Also doing well in the activity department this week. I’ve discovered a great 40 minute cardio/strength training combo (again, on YouTube) that I enjoy doing at home while the cat and dog watch from across the room with concerned faces.  I’ve also gone to yoga a couple of times this week which was a REAL workout for me. I was sweating within 5 minutes of arm pulses. I miss the Lake and want to start incorporating more outdoor activities into my week but walking 3.5 miles just takes so long compared to running it! Maybe this weekend?


Body Stuff
I am feeling HUGE. Not just for a regular person, but for a pregnant person too. With my wide-set hips, my baby-bump is low and wide. I’m bumping into things, forgetting how large I am, and have noticed my thighs touching when I don’t wear my Spanx. Ugh. Still no stretch marks on my belly though— just the super faint linea nigra still. Wedding ring is on but I take it off to work-out since I’m prone to swelling while I heat up. Belly button is mostly in, but often flat!

Looking Forward To
Tomorrow, Melbs and I are going to “meet” the labor and delivery staff at our hospital in Berkeley. In addition to my own OB, it will be great to make acquaintances with her partners and the nurses on staff, who will undoubtably be a part of my L&D experience. This will be my first visit to a hospital since becoming pregnant. We have some classes scheduled there for later this Summer, but I’m really looking forward to scoping things out mañana.

all the ladies this weekend <3 photo by marcielynnphotography

all the ladies this weekend

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