Baby dreams in full swing

I woke up this morning in a panic, my heart racing and a terrible feeling in my gut. I had lost my baby. Where was he?! I pawed rapidly at the sheets and turned over all the pillows, all the while breathing like an asthmatic dragon. My baby! My baby!

Of course this was just a dream. And Melbs who I’d woken up in my fury sat straight-up, wide eyed and worried. “What’s wrong??” he asked. Realizing I’d been over-reacting to a dream and was now coherent enough to process this, I replied, “I’m sorry. I was holding our baby… and then he was gone. And I couldn’t find him. And I missed him so much! And he needed me!!” and started to blubber in real life. The emotion was just too real.

I’ve read that dreams may get increasingly vivid at this stage in my pregnancy… and given my propensity for lucid dreaming already I should brace myself, and my poor husband for more.

Oh! Just typing this up has gotten me all worked up again. TGIF guys. Melbs and I are off to celebrate our anniversary this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited! Hope everyone has a wonderful and restful weekend too!

2 thoughts on “Baby dreams in full swing

  1. I had really vivid dreams in my first and second trimester but I haven’t really remembered many of my third trimester dreams. They can definitely be strange and very very vivid.
    Happy Anniversary!!

  2. I dream like you dream Rachel. I do not remember having dreams during both of my pregnancies. I always believe this comes from hormones and definitely stressed about the baby and how you and Mike will be as parents. I believe you both will be amazing parents because you have amazing parents. Lol. I really truly believe this child is so blessed to have you as parents!! Sweet dreams only because I can’t fix the hormones but I can keep giving you faith and hope to your new baby!!

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