Symptoms – First Trimester Edition

The number one question people ask after finding out that you’re pregnant is how are you feeling? Up until 10 days ago I didn’t have much to say other then, great! How are you feeling?

Enter week eight. I’m blogging this entry from bed via voice dictation on a Saturday afternoon. It’s a gorgeous spring day and I just got home from a walk and here I am trying to go to sleep. Totally not my style. I would say my most unfortunate symptom at this point is my chronic exhaustion. Go to the gym for an hour? Exhausted. Go walk the dog? Exhausted. Easy day at work standing at your desk? Exhausted.

About a month ago I started falling asleep around 8 PM for no good reason at all. This wasn’t so much unlike me given that I’ve always been an early to bed early to rise kind of gal, but 8 PM? A bit much. But I’ve also been experiencing a bit of nausea recently. Mostly in the evening. I haven’t gotten sick but sometimes it just sucks to be awake so I crawl into bed then as well.

The worst day so far was Wednesday of last week. I left the office around 530 and halfway through my commute home I just felt sick. Like I just wanted to pull over, get some fresh air, and curl up in a ball. Thankfully I was picking up Melbs from work too and he took over the driving. We sat in traffic for 20 minutes, I was miserable, questioned whether I was going to make it without actually vomiting and breathed my way through it (thank goodness because the only bag like thing we had in the car was the manila envelope containing our marriage license). When we got home just after 6 PM I dove into bed, with all of my clothes on and didn’t get up until 5 next morning. If you’re worried that I didn’t eat dinner, don’t worry! I ate three breakfasts the next day.

I would not say that I’ve been craving anything. Although, I do find myself adding highly caloric things to dishes that just don’t warrant it. Peanut butter in your rice? Sounds great! Mayo on your eggs? Sign me up! I know this is just my body’s way of getting what it needs and it hasn’t brought me any great concern so far but I do wonder if these ideas will subside in my second trimester once I’m plump enough!

I’ve been reading a lot including, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, which my mother-in-law sent right over (thank you!). I’ve always been a healthy eater but am learning that nutrition and weight management are some of the most important things I can control right now and I need to eat as reasonably as possible. Many women say that the first trimester is all about survival and if that means eating a pint of ice cream then just give it to yourself… And I am sure I will have those moments too. I just hope they are far and few between!

Other symptoms are more minor. Soft, dull cramps in my abdomen. They feel just like menstrual cramps and my doctor says that’s normal. There’s a lot of work going on down there and I actually kind of like that I can feel it all happening.

And smell! Oh my God the smells! Make them stop! Melbs is being great by taking out the garbage nearly every single day and scooping the cat box as well. The moment I walk into any room I become overwhelmed with the various smells. The sensory overload makes me, guess what? Run straight to bed and curl up in a ball.

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