Layered Cake

Last night I had a dream about a rainbow layered cake. It was holy, this cake. In the dream, I was in a foreign land and struggling to find something or someone familiar, almost in a panic. But then I saw it: this glorious cake— on the ground, half smashed and calling my name. It no longer mattered where I was. I just needed that cake. Particularly, the yellow layer.

I was able to isolate and extract the yellow layer from the cake and as I inspected it, I could see there was more than what met the eye. The layer of cake was actually comprised of MANY yellow foods: egg yolk, banana peel, lemon zest, golden beets. I ate the whole layer and it was delicious. And still somehow tasted like cake.

Now, I have always had vivid dreams so this one may seem like another one of my doozies. But I’m taking this one to mean that I need more yellow foods like the ingredients of that cake in my diet. Call me crazy, but I believe in the power of dreams and what they suggest.

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