It’s only 2pm and I’m already pooped! Melbs and I got up early this morning, ran errands, I ran 3 miles around the neighborhood and got so inspired by everybody’s Spring floral gardens that decided I must have one for myself!

We have a pretty decent sized back yard and even a nice, raised flower bed. But everything I’ve planted in the past has well, failed the thrive? The flower bed doesn’t get any sun. And every other place gets too much sun, so it’s been a futile effort to bring color into our yard. So today, I decided to pot flowers in my many clay pots. This way, I can move them around as needed.

I’ve learned that pregnant women love to nest. To make their homes more beautiful and welcoming. I think this may be a result of simply wanting to be home more. I literally want to be at home all the time these days! Even when I’m not tired… I just love my home! I want to cook all of my own meals, unclutter every corner, and apparently, now work on our outdoor spaces.

I took this photo after coming in from the yard. The whole time I was out there I was feeling VERY pregnant, whatever that means. I have always subconsciously sucked in my stomach while wearing tight clothes, even if I’m alone. But I realized this morning that I can’t do it any more. Like, at all! This is me doing my self conscious belly suck-in. It’s still probably some parts BLOAT, but I’m starting to feel like its some parts Baby Melby too!