25 Week Update

New format this week since I only have 15 mins to spare!

What’s New? 

  • I can SEE MM moving inside me. Melbs and I were laying in bed yesterday morning with our jaws inside our coffee cups, equally horrified and delighted by my rolling belly.
  • My tail-bone is omnipresent. It hurts when I sit, when I stand, walk, or just about anything else. I feel like I’m growing a tail, for real.
  • My fingers are showing signs of swell. My wedding ring is feeling tight this weekend and slept without it last night. It’s also been hot, so I’m hoping its at least partially heart-related. :/
  • Chronic stuffy nose. Feels like allergies but could also be rhinitis of pregnancy.

What’s Improved? 

  • Only one leg cramp this week, and one weird toe cramp. Huge improvement and I’d like to think its the magnesium double-dose I’ve been downing.
  • My social life. I enjoyed FIVE lady-dates last week, including one with my own mama which really made me feel like a social butterfly again (as opposed to my tendencies to be a nesting homebody as of late).


  • Scored a 2-for-1 maternity tankini from A Pea In The Pod this week. With a ladies trip coming up next month, I feel more secure about beaching my bod now.
  • I also re-installed the Zulilly app (flash daily sales on maternity and kids stuff) and I purchased 2 more Summer dresses as 75% off. Dang, do I love a bargain.
  • Diaper bag, wet bag, and diaper clutch set from Foxy Vida
  • An un-purchase: I removed the jogging stroller from my wish list. After talking to a lot of experts, I won’t be jogging with my baby until he is at least 6 months old so I have plenty of time for this purchase.

Looking Forward To

  • Annual baby consignment sale in Berkeley later today. Could be a bust, or could be awesome. I’ll let ya know.
  • Planning our first baby-cation for next Spring. ABP = always be planning

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